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Director Of New Stieg Larsson Movie Says He's Altered Ending

Stieg Larsson fans, brace yourselves. The director of the new Hollywood version of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" says he has altered the ending of the story, The Local Sweden reported yesterday.

"We had an idea that made the ending more easy to understand. We changed the ending, not amazingly much, but it works better from a movie-making viewpoint," David Fincher told the news agency TT Spektra.

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Human Analog3699d ago

I'll never understand why directors, and screenwriters change already established cannon. The last time it really pissed me off was Dan Browns Angles and Demons. They changed the relationship between the scientist, and her father. and changed some key plot points. None of it made any sense. I just hope this one doesn't ruin a great story that already works. Just watch the movies that have already been made. They are spot on with the books. Somehow they all worked.

alycakes3698d ago

I agree and the movie was already done and ready for release in December anyway...I mean what could they have changed?