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The Daily Rotation - Apollo 18 Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Cashing in a little late on the found footage craze comes Apollo 18, a film that sounds interesting given the conspiracy it bases its story around, NASA sending another craft to the moon in top secret fashion, but the film is extremely boring and far from interesting. What is presented in the trailers is exactly what you see. There is no bigger picture that is revealed in the film; instead it wastes your time and money. Expectations were low for the film, but the end product is actually worse. There’s nothing wrong with loving a film or hating a film, but Apollo 18 is one of those films that doesn’t have a purpose and shouldn’t have been made. These types of films are ones I dislike even more than films I genuinely hate. It just sort of exists and that’s it."

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Garethvk3796d ago

It was not screened for the press. That itself was a massive warning sign.

SRC3795d ago

Yeah, no press screenings for either Shark Night or Apollo 18? No faith in the movies.