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Top 10 "Aw Crap" Scenarios in Sci-Fi/Horror

Player Affinity writes: We go to the movies for any number of reasons, but one of the best is to see characters get screwed. Sometimes literally and sometimes metaphorically. If you're in a romantic comedy, typically it's both. However, there's something special about the genre of sci fi, in which the "aw crap" moments are fueled by a force that seems unstoppable; in some cases otherworldly. We don't know its weaknesses, all we know is it's gunning for the characters and they are so screwed. It is in that spirit that Apollo 18 opens this Friday and we look back at some of our favorite films where the scenarios seemed all too dire.

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Horny Melon3706d ago did the writer not get the plot of Moon at all.

jony_dols3705d ago

And how the hell is Dawn of the Dead (remake) or 28 Days Later scenarios not on this list?

Fast zombies are relentless & damn terrifying!

StarWarsFan3698d ago

"Aw Crap" is a pretty wide topic. You could put any movie in that category.