Player Affinity | Fall Movie Preview 2011

Player Affinity writes: As summer fades, the minds of moviegoers being to change ever as the leaves turn colors and flitter effortlessly toward the ground. But at Player Affinity, we avoid such metaphor nonsense and give it to you straight: it's time for some original and thoughtful movies — enough of the brainless cash-cow remakes and sequels.

Like we've done with the past few major movie seasons, we of the PAM staff have pooled together our collective 10 most anticipated movies of Fall 2011 (from this weekend through Nov. 11) into one major list, and each of us has offered one or two other films, from lesser-known festival films to guilty pleasures, as Critic's Picks.

All we can say is this is not a fall you're going to want to sleep through on your way to Holiday Season.

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