TNT Cancels Hawthorne After Three Seasons

The Collider:
TNT announced today that Jada Pinkett Smith is officially out of a job as the cable network has decided to cancel her medical drama HawthoRNe after three seasons. In an official statement, the network said, “TNT has decided not to order a fourth season of HawthoRNe. TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved in HawthoRNe. The series gave TNT the opportunity to work with many outstanding people, including Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of the show’s talented cast, crew, producers and writers. We wish everyone involved with HawthoRNe nothing but the best.” This wasn’t a medical drama that I found myself pulled towards when it premiered, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t disappointed fans. Feel free to sound off after the jump.

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alycakes3706d ago

I'm glad they cancelled it. I always try to give a show the benefit and watch with an open mind but as much as I like Jada I must say that the show was just another prime time soap opera.

I didn't feel like it had any substance of quality at all and most of the drama really wouldn't have happened in real life anyway at least not the medical stuff. I thought it was a very dumb show for the lack of finding a better word...