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So Long, and Thanks For All The Films: A Final Farewell To Summer 2011

From TMP:

Before preparing for the upcoming Fall Movie Season, TMP takes one final look back at the Summer of 2011 and all of the ups and downs it gave us.

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Soldierone3697d ago

Its funny. I didn't like this summer at all. It had good comedies, but it seems all the movies I actually did enjoy everyone hated. Including Green Lantern....I don't see why everyone is making it out to be one of the worst movies ever, but love Captain America. Green Lantern wasn't perfect by any means, but based on other comic book films we have been getting?

I'm not bashing one or another, I loved both, I just don't understand. Perhaps someone can explain it to me?

I just feel comic book films in general are missing a very important step. I don't know what it is exactly, they just feel rushed and half made to me. Green Lantern felt like at least they were putting effort into certain aspects and I have high hopes for a sequel. Personally the issues it had felt like what ALL the origin stories have. Green Lantern is a HUGE universe, and you can't touch everything wtihin a 2 hour origin story, which is why I'm pushing for Hollywood to move past that.

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No_Pantaloons3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Well lets see, Hal Jordan is a serious character, making Ryan Reynolds a poor choice since he's a comedic actor which annoyed comic book fans.
Hector Hammond is very confusing and completely irrelevant to the story as a whole, which many question why he was ever written in.
Other characters like hal's roommate or even blake lively are also pointless and add little to nothing to the story.
The use of his powers were somewhat disappointing, giant fist, race car track, nothing impressive or creative.
And of course the main villain parallax is......a big cloud..... and the climatic final battle is just getting pulled into the sun. The fate of the universe at stake, the green lantern corps powerless to stop anything, only hal jordan could have devised such an amazing ending.

That's most the hatred for the film, sure there were good points, Sinestro was perfectly done and could make for a great sequel, but that's hardly enough to save the film. And impressive special effects are obvious since the movie had a 200 million dollar budget. All in all there was just no excuse for it.

Soldierone3696d ago

That puts it in better light for me, since I never really read anything origin related to Green Lantern. Everything I ever read and saw was all stuff mostly later on.

Kos-Mos3696d ago

It`s not an opinion when someone saying green lantern and captain america is enjoyable movies, UNLESS you`re 10-11 years old, it`s just plain stupidity and great lack of understand movies.

Soldierone3696d ago

Please feel free to enlighten me how its not an opinion. And by what standards makes Metal Gears story makes it so horrible.

I need to laugh today so this should be good.

Kos-Mos3695d ago

No character development, no intertextual references, no charm, no adult themes, no good music, no originality.
Metal Gear on the other hand got everything those movies haven`t.
No go to bed little man, I guess you don`t know half of what I`m talking about.

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DarkBlood3696d ago

gotta say i enjoyed all the superhero films and other ones i seen as well, i couldnt really tell you if they were bad or good ones i just dont roll that way lol