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The Daily Rotation - Warrior Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "The underdog story has been told a thousand times by way of film and most of the entries to the sports genre can be forgotten. The problem that most of these films face is they never manage to find something that makes their film any better than the last. It’s alright to reuse typical clichés as long as you still bring something fresh to the table or add your own unique take. Last year The Fighter surprised most as a film that had a beating heart with flawed, but realistic characters. The story wasn’t anything we haven’t seen, but the director and all the talented actors and actresses managed to make a really good film. Warrior honestly looked like a film that was trying to take advantage of the success that The Fighter brought in by recreating the story but using the popular mixed martial arts as the medium. I was ready to pass this film off as a lazy cash grab but then I sat down and watched it and was pleasantly surprised by how emotional the film really was. Its story isn’t innovative, but the way it gets from point A to B is. All three main performances are some of the best of their careers and director Gavin O’Connor balances everything in the film perfectly, from the pacing to the actual in ring fights. Warrior is the result of hard work and determination. It shows that you can take a story that’s been done before and make it still feel fresh and relevant."

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cody2oo3697d ago

this movie deserves a lot. I was sittin on the edge of my seat like i've rarely ever sat. The tension and everything is powerful and very unexpected. One scene with Nolte was a show stopper of a performance. and Hardy even though being shy most of the movie, later it shows how well he really played his role and for sure deserves a lot. And Edgerton is also pretty noteworthy of a performance. He doesn't really have a breakdown, but his commanding performance is something to take away. Would be pretty awesome if both Hardy and Edgerton were nominated for an award and only one wins. lol

also 9.5 outta 10