Starz Ditches Netflix, Streaming Ends February 2012

BlogTechnical writes: "Starz Entertainment has announced that it will discontinue service with Netflix to distribute digital movie content as of February 28th 2012. As a result, Netflix users won’t be able to have access content from the Sony Pictures and Disney libraries."

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JL3706d ago

This sucks. Starz has brought some good stuff to Netflix. It will be interesting to see how Netflix looks to fill this void.

Soldierone3706d ago

Wow Netflix is taking some hits lately....I haven't been able to find something to watch in a while. Starz normally puts some good stuff on there, but its a pain to find Starz specific things from the interface they put on the PS3 and I hate that.

JL3706d ago

I know your pain. I dont really care for their "new" interface. I liked it better how it used to be. Not sure why they even changed it.

alycakes3706d ago

That is going to limit a lot more than what some might think. I guess I'd better record Torchwood while I have STARZ directly.