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Detailed Photos Show The Dark Knight Rises’ Batcave

Dark Knight Rises Rumors says:

A bunch of pictures have been released showing what we assume will be the Batcave for The Dark Knight Rises. They are actually pictures of the Turda Salt Mines in Romania, but it’s likely that the mines will be a stand-in for the Batcave.

It’s also already been confirmed that they are building a small-scale Batcave at Warner Bros.’ studios, but many of the scenes may be shot at the Turda Salt Mines. Just by taking a quick glimpse at some of these pictures, you can immediately see why they picked this place as the Batcave for The Dark Knight Rises.

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Crazay3707d ago

This place is pretty awesome looking. The textures and colors on the walls look very cool.

Sc0pe923706d ago

Holy Shit! They built all that for the third movie???

NCAzrael3705d ago

I know this might be difficult, but read the article. This is the Turda Salt Mines in Romania.

The article is a rumor, and since most sources agree that filming outside of the US has already been completed, it's most likely a false rumor.

Chucky20033705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

lol no,this is how the mine really looks( for the rumor that the movie will be filmed there,its real,i don't know if it will be for a batcave,well for what else,but they will film it there

Sc0pe923705d ago

Oh okay thanks for clearing that up guys yeah I obviously didnt read lol

NCAzrael3705d ago

Don't believe everything you read on the internet. This is only a rumor, and there has been nothing to substantiate it.