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The Walking Dead Season 2 to Premiere With 90-Minute Episode

From ComingSoon:

AMC announced today that season 2 of "The Walking Dead" will kick off with an extra half hour on Sunday, October 16 at 9pm ET.

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JL3708d ago

I got excited today when I opened my inbox and saw the press release about this from AMC. Now we have date and I cant wait. Tad bit earlier than I expected. I was half expecting like the week of Halloween.

Crazay3708d ago

I figured that's when it would start too...So I'm guessing we'll get half the season leading to Christmas and the other half in Jan/Feb?

JL3708d ago

Yea, pretty much. The release I got says we'll get 6 episodes after the season premiere. Then 6 more later on for the season finale on February 12th.

So, we're looking at episodes on:
October 16th (Season Premiere 90mins)
October 23rd
October 30th
November 6th
November 13th
November 20th
November 27th

January 8th
January 15th
January 22nd
January 29th
February 5th
February 12th (Season Finale)

They also state that the Kevin Smith produced show "Secret Stash" (unscripted series about Kevin's comic book shop) will begin airing in conjunction with the February 12th airing of Walking Dead.

gaffyh3706d ago

I would be excited, but I know that they'll just fill the time with loads of pointless stuff.

Here's someone having a bath.
Here's someone eating breakfast.
Here's some people talking for 5 mins.
Zombie time.
Here's some people talking for 5 mins.
Zombie time.

I HOPE they don't drag it like that.

Crazay3708d ago

Nice - thanks for that tip.

alycakes3706d ago

Wasn't there more than 13 episodes last year or did it just seem that way because of the way they split it up?

darklordzor3706d ago

Actually, weren't there only like six episodes?

Crazay3705d ago

Only 6 episodes last season.

Shackdaddy8363707d ago

I'm gonna have to buy season 1... I really tried to watch the show but I always forgot to... I watched the first three I think.

alycakes3705d ago

I guess it just seemed longer to me.