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The Playlist Review: ‘Bunraku’ Wants To Be ‘Sin City’ But Is More Like ‘The Spirit’

The Playlist:
When you go to see any movie, particularly a genre picture, you are required to make a handshake deal with the film regarding the world it’s trying to establish. If the picture can successfully convince you that, yes, this is a world of superheroes who are now retired, or this is a planet where no one has ever told a single lie, then you have no choice but to evaluate the movie on these terms.

So forgive “Bunraku” for testing the patience of many, as it sets up a number of logistic obstacles early on. For one, we have to believe that humanity has acted against their worst nature in the aftermath of a worldwide nuclear war and have banished all guns and firepower, lending weight to swordplay as the number one combat option once again. For another, we have to accept that the dangerous town that “Bunraku” calls its setting is almost entirely made up of folding paper mache that no one stops to notice. Finally, we have to assume that the not-particularly-imposing Josh...

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xTruthx3708d ago

I didn't like spirit so I guess I can ovoid this.

Saw more reviews of this movie and many share the same points of view

alycakes3707d ago

I've been wondering if I should bother with this one. Still haven't made up my mind.