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Johnny Depp Won’t Make ‘Lone Ranger’ Without Gore Verbinski

From Deadline:

This is the kind of Maalox moment which explains why studio moguls get paid the big bucks. Because Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross now has a very public decision to make about whether to go forward with The Lone Ranger.

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darklordzor3703d ago

I think it's high time to go ahead and let this one go. I mean, I know I won't lose any sleep if I don't see a Lone Ranger reboot.

Quagmire3701d ago

Its sad to see another Gore/Johnny match up go to waste, and although I too would not lose sleep over this cancellation, I hope they quickly work on another project together.

darklordzor3701d ago

They do make a really great team, and I agree. I hope they move on and work on something else together really soon.

KingPin3702d ago

if johnny depp isnt the lone ranger, dont bother making the damn movie.

darklordzor3702d ago

Actually...he was never cast as the Lone Ranger. He's always been set as Tonto.

alycakes3702d ago

Yeah...I think he's got enough movie on his plate waiting to be made anyway. I just want them to get on with Dark Shadows and The Thin Man for now.