‘Romancing The Stone’ TV Adaptation Lands At NBC With Penalty, Shawn Levy May Direct

From Deadline:

The classic 1984 action-adventure romantic comedy Romancing the Stone is headed to the small screen. NBC has bought a TV series adaptation of the Robert Zemeckis movie, which was produced by 20th Century Fox and starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

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JL3707d ago

You've gotta be kidding me. First they want to take a great movie and remake it with Heigl. Now they want to make a cheesy TV show out of it? Horrible idea.

xTruthx3707d ago

LOL I know, pretty sure this wont last much... well who knows really -.-. Their a big network, they can afford to take risk I guess.

alycakes3707d ago

All I have to say is NOOOOOOOOOOOO!