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George Lucas Speaks Out Against Altering Films in 1988

From Slashfilm:

On March 3, 1988, George Lucas was one of those filmmakers who spoke in front of Congress. The same George Lucas who, in the two decades since, has continually tinkered with his signature Star Wars films from the Special Editions through the prequels and right up to the Blu-rays, which caused massive mainstream controversy this due to new changes including a digital Yoda and Darth Vader’s new dialogue. But on that day, 23 years ago, Lucas delivered a rousing speech that condemned exactly what he’d end up doing himself.

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tunaks13515d ago

The Times They Are a-Changin

Shackdaddy8363514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I really don't like George Lucas now. He lost all of his talent after the 80s...

This picture sums up half of my grievance with his latest films but it's also the story that disappoints me too:

Baka-akaB3512d ago

So basically unlike everyone else in existence , he shouldnt be allowed to change his mind , and have everything he said at fixed points in past times , thrown against his current self ?

Wonder who would measure up properly with that kind of scrutiny .