Photobooth Trailer For American Reunion Brings Back The Whole Cast

CinemaBlend says:

It's strange to think that it's been 12 years since the first American Pie came out. That's 12 years since Jim tried to hide porn from his parents, 12 years since Stifler drank the pale ale, 12 years since Kevin got "the book" from his brother, and 12 years since Finch slept with Stiffler's mom. The original is still a very special film to audiences belonging to a certain generation, and while the two direct sequels and direct-to-DVD spinoffs did eliminate some of the charm, nostalgia is an asskicker.

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darklordzor3708d ago

Sorry but this Photobooth trailer is just a pointless concept. Just wait until you have footage to show. Don't bore me with this stuff. If I want nostalgia I'll watch the original films!

Crazay3708d ago

That was actually pretty disappointing. I loved the movies so here's hoping this movie is a good send off to the original cast.