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The Avengers Update -- New Promotional Artwork and "The Road to The Avengers" featurette

Check out the latest promo-art from the upcoming film, a new look at Loki, and a very cool featurette from the upcoming Thor DVD/Blu-ray release.

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DarkBlood3709d ago

thats a nice background and/or poster if i was still a poster guy id definitly hang that up.

alycakes3709d ago

I love it! This movie is one that I'm really getting all worked up about. I know that Joss Whedon is kind of a perfectionist and he's probably driving everybody crazy but I know that the final movie is going to be great. I don't think I'm going to be disappointed one bit.

I wish I had this poster for my collection but I don't have the wall space anyway.

DarkBlood3708d ago

if i wanted to live in a house in the future and have no space id get this professionally painted on the brick wall side of my house or the garage door lol

nyobzoo3708d ago

I was hoping for the purple costume and the mask for hawkeye

gdogg6663708d ago

hope they dont fuck this movie up