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George Lucas Edits Five Seconds of Audio Into the Star Wars Blu-Ray and Crushes Fanboy Hearts

A quick change to a few seconds of audio in the upcoming release of the Star Wars saga on blu-ray has fans up in arms.

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darklordzor4045d ago

I'm a diehard fan. I'm a fanboy if you will...and I can honestly say that I don't have a problem with this. I really just don't care. It's not that big of a deal and won't stop me from buying this.

I've been waiting a long time for these to hit blu-ray, and a couple new audio pieces aren't going to change my mind.

Even as big of a fan as I am (yeah I waited a ridiculous amount of time in lines for the prequel releases, I have a collection worth $30-$50K), I hate when other fans start bitching about stuff like this.

It's Star Wars.

darklordzor4044d ago

Thank you. It just hurts me to see all of the fans so divided and complaining all of the time. I do understand it, but what's the point in complaining? It happened. Let's still try and enjoy these films in their glorious HD presentation.

andron4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Well I'm not buying SW on BluRay if it doesn't include the original unaltered trilogy.

Those are the films I grew up with, so that is what I want to watch in HD. With all the space available on BluRay I see no reason why Mr. Lucas can't make that happen...

Edit: And I'm not talking about these alterations even though they are completely unnecessary. I'm talking the cantina scene and all the digital alterations...

xTruthx4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I know, I hate how they keep editing more crap. They think they need to edit every old movie to make them "better", they are just screwing them.

reznik_zerosum4043d ago

I dont really understand all "love" about star wars (maybe because im not american ?) it was pretty boring to me even when i was child,it always presented sci-fi kitsch to me - everything that i hate about that genre is in that movie(s).sci-fi for kids ?
i think i will stick with the Dune for now (i mean books btw not the movie ^_^ )

JL4043d ago

I can understand where you're coming from. I was never a huge Star Wars fan either. I'm not overly into sci-fi period.

I always thought Star Wars were decent movies, but nothing that ever made me "OMG Star Wars!!! Greatest movies everzzz!!!!!" I can really take it or leave it.

In fact, I don't even own Star Wars on DVD or anything. And that's saying a lot cause I have a huge collection of movies. I might get around to getting it just because it is Star Wars, but again it was never anything overly special to me. Not that I hated them, I enjoyed them well enough. Just they never reached the level of "great" in my book. Might I dare say, I even consider them a tad bit overrated in some sense.

thorstein4043d ago

Well, look at it this way. All science fiction coming out of Hollywood was pretty lame. If you look at Logan's Run (which came out about the same time) and compare the two, you have to wonder if these two movies were ever made in the same era.

The beauty and brilliance of Star Wars wasn't the storyline or the acting. It was the mythos. Ignore the Jedi phenomenon for a minute and really look at what they did with the rest of the worlds they created. The thing is Star Wars was WAAAY ahead of its time AND it still stands up to "modern" science fiction. It changed the way science fiction was done. Before, you had a spaceship on a string. Now we had entire planets and such filled with all sorts of "scum and villainy."
It was realistic (as realistic as sci fi can get when you really think about it.) The spaceships weren't all shiny and new. Things were gritty. That is why it is brilliant.

andron4043d ago

Well I'm Norwegian so it's not only Americans who love SW.

Too me it's more of a childhood thing. I was 6 years old when I saw the first movie on tv. And later I watched the others countless times on VHS. SW was huge then and has influenced later sci-fi movies a great deal. I mean between the SW and Alien movies, they set the standard for the look and fell of most sci-fi that followed...

darklordzor4045d ago

Switched it from 'Rumor' to news because a Lucasfilm rep has now confirmed the change.

gdogg6664044d ago

big deal so they added nooooo its still a great movie series darklordzor is right its not a big deal

darklordzor4044d ago

Thank you! So glad to see someone else who share this opinion, rather than the random hatred.

gdogg6664044d ago

star wars is starwars unless if the changed the whole movie then there would be rage apart from that the movie is still in tacked i cant wait to see the deleted sences and what not

darklordzor4044d ago

Agreed. I can't wait to see those deleted scenes either, mostly because I can't believe that after all of these releases, we STILL haven't seen everything.

DarkBlood4044d ago

do you know if those extras like deleted scenes are in the saga version and not in the separate trilogys?

i ask this because i think i will only get the boxset for the old trilogy and wait on a price drop for the prequals boxset

darklordzor4044d ago

All those bonuses are only on the Complete Saga boxset. Part of that nine-disc collection. Sadly they won't be on the individual ones.

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The story is too old to be commented.