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The 4 Ways to Fix Marvel's Movies

From TMP:

This past Summer was a big one for Marvel. With two untested properties (Thor and Captain America) hitting theaters as a prelude to The Avengers, it was important for those films to succeed. Otherwise they could lose much needed fans for their ultimate team-up movie. And while they were big box office draws and did well critically, Marvel’s films are still falling short. So I’ve come up with 4 ways Marvel can fix their films for the future.

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darklordzor4699d ago

I did really like the Marvel movies this year, but I really want them to try for more. They have the potential for incredible greatness.

xTruthx4698d ago

Well they were bought by Disney so lol. I just hope they don't screw it up

gdogg6664699d ago

well as long as disney doesnt fuck it up we should be pretty good lol

darklordzor4699d ago

I'm actually not that worried about Disney. While they've admitted that their tentpole films are nothing but cash-grabs, this company does still know how to make a good story when they put their minds to it.

Soldierone4698d ago

Yeah but the question is will they return to formula soon with MOST movies, or stick to this quick money grabbing business which will only lead to a downhill slide.

Disney is one of my favorites simply because they are one of the big ones still entirely owned in the US ( if im not mistaken). And look at Tangled, they put that together out of no where and you absolutely see Disney still has MASSIVE talent to be had....then they go right back the other direction with Cars 2 and no Disney animated movie to compete with Tangled this year....

xTruthx4698d ago

How can you not be worried.... its DISNEY!. I just hope they don't start mixing marvel with Disney on the movies lol!. Like spider man seeing a kid on the street tell hes mom;

"mom i wanna go there :)"
"spider man looks"
"Disney poster"

alycakes4699d ago

I didn't really have anything to complain about. I liked them all. One could have been better but for the most part I enjoyed the hell out of them.

darklordzor4699d ago

I did too. But they still lacked an over the top quality. Nothing about them was overly bad or anything, but they still fell short of those 'top tier' films. You know, the ones that keep you talking for decades and years to come.

andron4698d ago

And Joss Whedon's Avengers is coming up. Judging from your avatar, your probably as excited for that one as I am...

xTruthx4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

IMO Iron man 1 was better than the sequel and If I'm right... Disney hadn't own the marvel franchise by then. But I'm sure they can get better at it as they go.

Soldierone4698d ago

I agree with all of those, but my major concern is "getting past 3" and leaving the origin crap behind.

Make one origin story. This is Spider-man for example. Everything leads back to this, and can be connected to it. Its not the same actor? Who cares, its like a new artist drawing him.

Comics are full of compelling and DEEP stories, but none of these will ever reach the big screen when hollywood is too afraid to go past 3 movies....

xTruthx4698d ago

I think they made a new spider man movie too fast IMO. The first one was in 2002 but the last one ended in 2007 right ? I think that was 2 quick

nyobzoo4698d ago

the only thing I thought Thor needed was more time to develop the relationship with Natalie Portman's character

darklordzor4698d ago

It desperately needed that. It was a total waste of a good actress.

alycakes4698d ago

I agree with you on that one. I think the whole thing could have been a little more detailed in telling more about Thor himself too.

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