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Two TV Spots for Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Thriller ‘Dream House’

Universal have released two chilling TV Spots for Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s upcoming mystery thriller Dream House!

The Jim Sheridan-directed movie, which also stars Naomi Watts, centers on a couple who discover their seemingly perfect new house is not quite so perfect, as it was once the scene of a horrendous crime. Judging by the footage shown, the film promises plenty of tension and twists galore. Catch it in theaters from September 30!

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alycakes3699d ago

This is going to be a creepy movie and one of those with a twist at the end from what I understand. I want to see it but I'm so behind on my movies....

been dog's been sick too....hope to go this week to at least one movie and then start to catch up again soon.

DarkBlood3699d ago

i saw a trailer in theatres i believe i know what the twist is if you wish to know?

but yeah this is like a thriller or something to me, plus Daniel Craig being in it makes it all the more reason to go see it

alycakes3699d ago

I want to know but I don't want to know. I think I saw the trailer too but it didn't reveal anything or is it something like Shutter that what I'm remembering?

DarkBlood3699d ago

well its till september 30th so i'll say what i think hopfully u forget if u dont want to know by then lol :P

by the looks of it his family is his imagination how do i know this you ask?

well he came to some hospital place looking for answers or something then saw himself in some kind of room almost like he was crazy or something.

he was just released from that place a week or so ago and came back to that house my guess is something happen in that house to cause all of it

wow now i want to go see this movie even more lol