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X-Men: First Class Star Jennifer Lawrence on Mystique Look: "There’s No CG for Me!"

It's visually stylish blockbuster hits like X-Men: First Class that offer the most interesting bonus features come DVD/Blu-Ray release time, because production secrets are aplenty. The movie is available for retail purchase from September 9, and with it's cornucopia of special-effect laden mutant goodness comes a bevy of extras, including an eight part behind-the-scenes featurette that offers fans a closer look at the making of the film, from pre-production to post.

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DarkBlood3709d ago

this is a pretty good film, so much infact i prefer this to the trilogy one, maybe its because its more story then there is action and thats saying alot for me as an action film kind of guy.

JL3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

I still have to say I prefer the first one over this one. Though, I did very much like the actual story-driven aspect of this one. In fact, I enjoyed the movie on the whole. However, it didn't have as much action as I wanted (nor enough variation of mutants) like X-Men did.

Honestly, I think the ideal X-Men movie would lie somewhere between First Class and X-Men. Blend the variety and action of X-Men with the intelligent story-driven aspect of First Class and that would make for a great movie.

DarkBlood3708d ago

agreed probably not for the second movie or depending on how many they are willing to go for

maybe apocalypse for a third film or bring in those sentinels instead or have the sentinels for the second flim that would be awsome

but i cant help but think it wouldnt be right fighting sentinels without wolverine lol

darklordzor3709d ago

Can't wait to get this on blu-ray! This was easily one of the best films of the Summer, and my personal favorite CBM of the year.

gdogg6663709d ago

so i wasnt the only one who thought the movie ruled and seeing Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique was utter hottness whos with me on zat :D

SantistaUSA3709d ago

I agree 110% with you buddy! She rocked! Great movie!

darklordzor3709d ago

Yeah you're definitely not alone on that one. Though I think Rebecca Romijn is still hotter. Not that Lawrence did bad or anything, Romijn is just ridiculously awesome.

gdogg6663709d ago

i hope she is in the next one ;) :D

xVeZx3708d ago

rebecca romijn was in first class for like half a second lol

JL3708d ago

I'm really starting to like Jennifer Lawrence. I first saw her in that Bill Engvall show and just wrote her off as another ditzy teen actress.

However, then I saw her in Winter's Bone. And while I think the movie itself is a tad bit overrated, she did phenomenally in there. Very much impressed me. Then in this movie she was good (and of course very hot).

Then tonight I just watched The Beaver and she was pretty good in that one as well. Winter's Bone is still definitely her finest performance, with none of the others holding a candle to it really. But, she's definitely growing on me. I'll be very interested in seeing her in The Hunger Games.

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alycakes3709d ago

It was a great movie but I wasn't the best of the summer to me. However it was a great performance on her part. All of them did an excellent job protraying their conterparts at their early ages and made them believeable. I can't wait for the next one.

nyobzoo3708d ago

that must really suck just staying still for hours putting on that makeup

JL3708d ago

Ask Ron Perlman lol

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