Showtime Teams With Steven Spielberg And Stephen King For ‘Under The Dome’ Series

Deadline says:

In one of Showtime’s most ambitious undertakings, the pay cable network is partnering with Steven Spielberg and Stephen King for Under the Dome, a drama series based on King’s 2009 novel, which will be produced by DreamWorks Television.

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Crazay4050d ago

This is some incredible news. This is one of Kings best bodies of work and it really deserves to get the Series treatment because there's so much going on that just won't fit into a 6hr mini series let alone a 2hr movie. Being on Showtime will also give the writer/director the ability to portray and show things that otherwise might not show on a standard network like NBC.

reznik_zerosum4049d ago

wow really that was awful book

gaffyh4049d ago

What the hell? He just totally copied the Simpsons movie. Does nobody else see this???

If spider-pig is in it, then it's even more ridiculous.

darklordzor4050d ago

Glad to see something happening with this. With Spielberg behind it and it being on Showtime hopefully it won't suck, and they can do some awesome things with it.