NfamousGamers - Top 5 Summer Movies of 2011

LargeMarge67 "Well, the summer movie season has ended and, as is the case every year, the blockbusters were numerous and the amount of promotional hype generated by the movie studios tremendous. Now you may be asking yourself why I didn’t come up with a Top Ten List. The answer is simple; I am picky to an extreme. Most years, I don’t think I could even recommend that many films in a twelve-month period so the fact that I liked five this summer is nothing short of a miracle. What was especially interesting to me was the fact that the movies I was most excited about were the ones that really disappointed me. Another surprise was that the entire list consists of films for which I had little to no expectations. Truth be told, I actually expected them to suck. What can I say? I am a glass half empty kind of guy. So, without any further ado, here are my Top 5 Summer Movies of 2011…"

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-MD-3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I'm still really looking forward to Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses and X-Men but I caught Planet of the Apes last week and I agree it was really good.

Captain America ehhhhh looks so-so. I'll watch it eventually. Pretty good summer for film though.

darklordzor3709d ago

I'm just glad we had so many good movies this Summer. On the whole it was a good movie season with way more good films to see than bad. Much better than many of the past Summers.

Sahil3709d ago

Horrible bosses deserve to be there, really funny movie, probably the best comedy of 2011, nice list.

alycakes3708d ago

Loved all the superhero movies (all of them), didn't want to see Bridesmaids but I did want to see Horrible Bosses and still haven't (hope to soon). What I'm behind on and I'm seeing before anything else is Planet of the Apes and Fright Night...those I definitely want to see.

Arcee3708d ago

Except for the order, I pretty much agree with the list as a whole.