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TMP's Best and Worst of Summer 2011

From TMP:

With the Summer season now in it’s final throes, the staff here at TheMoviePool takes time to reflect on the films we saw over the last few months, and we’d like to share our best and worst with you, along with how we’d grade the Summer overall.

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nyobzoo3709d ago

well I guess I need to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes

darklordzor3709d ago

Oh yes you do. It was just so incredibly well done. A definite must see.

darklordzor3709d ago

Part of me is still torn between X-Men First Class and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It's funny how the two films I thought would be the weakest of the Summer, turned out to be the best.

Shackdaddy8363709d ago

This summer has been awesome. Soooo many movies that I went to see and all of them were great.

Sahil3709d ago

Have to see rise of the planet of Apes, desperately.

No_Pantaloons3709d ago

This summer was weak as hell. Rise was the only movie to truly beat its expectations, almost as good as the original planet of the apes movie. Some others could have been great, but didn't keep it together. You can almost see the cash grab, like they couldn't bother to polish it up.

Hands down the worse was green lantern, once and for all they need to learn if you barrow from other media (comics/games) you NEED to please the base. If fans can't follow it, then the average moviegoer will be hopelessly uninterested. Really too bad since Sinestro was fantastic, movie should have stared him instead.

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