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'Hunger Games' VMA First Look: Run, Katniss, Run

From MTV:

When Katniss finally got her chance to shine as the first-ever glimpse at footage from "The Hunger Games" debuted at the VMAs on Sunday night (August 28), she didn't waste any time in blazing a memorable pop-culture moment: She ran and ran and ran and ran.

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darklordzor3712d ago

I wouldn't even really call this a teaser, more like a mini-teaser. Still it's pretty awesome to watch. While it doesn't show a whole lot, I liked Gale's voice over and thought it was very fitting for what was happening. And then the shot of her shooting the arrow at the end just put a big ol' geeky smile on my face.

alycakes3712d ago

Love it! Can't wait. Just finished the books...but a little shocked at how it all ends.

darklordzor3712d ago

I know right? It's kind of sudden and really unexpected. On the whole, I didn't like the actual ending. It seemed...rushed. I still loved the trilogy overall but the ending didn't feel right to me.

darklordzor3712d ago

Hmmm...Hopefully we'll get a full trailer in a couple months. I mean, it releases in March, there's not a lot of gap in between.

alycakes3712d ago

Yes, the ending was very disappointing but I guess in the overall story couldn't end any different if you think about it. Still very heart wrenching and kept me on the edge. Very much looking forward to the movie.

Garrison3711d ago

My friends keep raving about the books, when I finish dance of dragons I think I'll go on ahead and read this trilogy. Always like reading the books before seeing the movies especially when I know it's almost a sure fire quality story.

darklordzor3709d ago

They'll be an incredibly quick read (think I got through all of them in about 3 days), especially after reading Dance of Dragons!

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