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Two Vehicles From 'Prometheus' Revealed

Alien Prequel News:
Some of you may remember that back in May I posted an image showing the large walls of crates that were set up in the backlot at Pinewood studios to hide props, vehicles and part of the set.
Today I can reveal a couple of the things that were hidden behind those walls thanks to an anonymous source.

This source has also informed me that the image of what was thought to be rocket engines I posted earlier this month are actually not rocket engines but huge air vents from inside a space ship.

The first of today's images shows the vehicle we've previously seen glimpses of in the grainy SDCC 2011 images, and the second image looks a bit like one of the 'feet' seen on the right hand side in the official image.

My source tells me this is in fact a huge lifter.

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Peaceful_Jelly3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Let's see what they can do with this pre-quel. When Irene was passing by and I was without electricity for like 4 days I watched every Alien movie on my netbook and... Holy crap!

The first Alien was so amazing I couldn't believe I was actually watching a movie from the 70's and then I watched the second one and I was equally impressed but then I watched the third one. OMG, what an utter piece of excrement wrapped in so much fail I couldn't believe my eyes, and the fourth one? While a little bit better than the third one it was just too cheesy, boring and uninteresting. But the first 2 movies were so godlike, like easily 2 of the best films I have ever watched in my life.

I'm gonna buy them on blu-ray when I get my PS3 next month.

Quagmire3698d ago

Lmfao, for a second I was thinking... who the hell is Irene and why would she cut out your electricity...

alycakes3698d ago

I totally agree with you on the 1st and 2nd being the best especially the first time I saw that little alien jump out of that stomach....freeked me out!

This is going to be good though...I think he's got a good story to tell and with all the new technology it will be neat to see the new alien.

nyobzoo3699d ago

sweet, can't wait to see it

gdogg6663698d ago

i think ill pass seeing as didnt they already make a prequel so to speak?