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LRA: Troll Hunter - DVD Review

LRA writes: The northern European film market is starting to become a breeding ground for innovative filmmakers. Last year I caught a little movie from Finland called Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale which was about a mythological Santa Claus that killed kids instead of giving them gifts. This year Norway has graced us with the "mockumentary/found-foota ge" film TrollHunter in which we follow a small group of people trekking all across the Norwegian countryside in search of the fantasy based creatures. The reason I bring up both films here is because they share a couple common traits with one another beyond their country's of origin, the first of which is that they both have terrific premises. With so many Hollywood films regurgitating vampires, werewolves, zombies and all sorts of other over used creatures it is kind of refreshing to have some new monsters thrown into the mix.

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