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The Daily Rotation - Our Idiot Brother Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a movie as dumb and weird as Our Idiot Brother. Its humor is closest to Napoleon Dynamite, but with a lot more charm. Dynamite sort of came of as weird and random, but Our Idiot Brother comes off as more of a dumb and charming little film. Its intentions are good and it’s enjoyable. The main thing is getting over how dumb it is. Every bit of dialogue is delivered with an easy, laid back attitude. The word dude is thrown around a lot and if you’re okay with that then I think you might find something in Our Idiot Brother. It’s a light, sweet and charming film that works mainly because of Paul Rudd."

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-MD-3713d ago

Like the writer says, the trailers are pretty poor but I've been wanting to see it because of the cast mostly.

Can't decide if I wanna blow 20 bucks on seeing this in theaters or just wait.

MinimeJer053712d ago

20 bucks? Where you going haha? Or are you calculating snacks and such?

I'd say give it a try, if anything to support something different and light. It's a fun movie in a time full of serious stuff!

-MD-3712d ago

I usually go with my bro and he makes me pay for both tickets lol.

We work it out in different ways though.

darklordzor3712d ago

Yeah, normally I go with my Dad and he typically buys some breakfast in the morning and I'll cover the tickets.

BubbleSniper3711d ago

blah! i dont understand why they keep raising the cost of tickets... its almost not even worth going to the theaters any more. The food used to be cheap! back in my time, when I was young. 2 bucks got you 2 big popcorns and 2 sodas... now 2 bucks gets you a cold stare right before they ask you where the rest of the money is to pay for said items...!

-MD-3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

We always have a mini conversation about how ridiculous prices are when we walk into the theater.

Our large soda's are $5.25 and a large popcorn is $5.75 that combined with a 10 dollar ticket your trip to the movies is $20 alone. It's insane. A candybar is something like $3.75 too.

I can't tell you the last time I bought food/drink at a movie theater. I usually sneak in a 20oz or bring nothing.

Baka-akaB3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

This year i've had enough beyond Captain America , despite some rather great movies in 2011 , i can't muster the spirit topay for two or three tickets as usual for me and family/friends , when it's basically the cost of a bluray .

I'm not even ashame anymore to admit that i just pirate most movies i want , or wait for them on legal services and tv , then buy the bluray disc .

Especially with the ludicrous cost of 3d movies tickets , when i can just enjoy it on my 3d plasma .

For years i still went to theaters , to gather with friends , and for the mood and settings . But gradually each year , the bad is overpowering the good stuff .

It's starting to feels the same way as arcade gaming , around the explosion of online on consoles .

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darklordzor3712d ago

I've heard a lot of mixed things on this, so I'm probably going to wait until Blu-Ray for this one. I still kind of want to see it, but it's not exactly on my must-see list either.