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Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock Plot TV Reunion

Deadline writes:
The Proposal co-stars and good friends Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are teaming again, this time in television. Reynolds and Bullock are expected to lead the voice cast of And Then There Was Gordon, an animated comedy from Reynolds and Allan Loeb’s recently launched TV company DarkFire, which has received a presentation order from Fox. Reynolds and Allan Loeb will co-write the script together, with Reynolds also voicing a character.

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alycakes3702d ago

I knew they were going to make another movie together but I had no idea that they were doing this. Bullock is experienced in producing TV shows so she can be an asset to the show on that part. I'm not sure what the show is going to really be about yet but with that group working together I'm sure it's going to be a fun show in some way or another.

RyuStrife3701d ago

Interesting. I hope it ends up being good.

alycakes3701d ago

I think it will. It's got a good group of people working on it so I'm keeping positive about it.

Sahil3699d ago

They look really good together :)