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Kyle Chandler Won't Sit On The Bench For Long

AUSTIN – Kyle Chandler, a happily married father of two, has a full heart — one that beats passionately for a certain russet-haired temptress.

"I just went and saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. Julianne Moore — I've been in love with her since Boogie Nights. But also, The Big Lebowski. Ohhh, she's hot in that," Chandler says with a smile and a sigh. "I fell in love with her. I think I had a chance to be in something with her at one point, but I didn't get the part."

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alycakes3702d ago

I wasn't a fan of the show Friday Night Lights but I do like this man. He's a wonderful actor and will be great on the movie Argo for Ben Affleck. He's always gotten good parts...I just don't care for football shows.

KingPin3701d ago

kyle is a good actor. i remember i used to watch his show "early edition" back in the 90s. was pretty cool. glad to see him back in the big time. keep it up Mr Chandler.

alycakes3701d ago

Yeah...that's what I remember him from. I couldn't remember the name of the show. He also did an sitcom but it didn't stay on for too long.