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Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "When toothbrushes are used as weapons in one of the final, important boss battles, you kind of realize what kind of trash a movie like Colombiana really is. They don’t even use the brush side! The film should consist of an acceptable story and tons of in your face, hard hitting action, but you don’t get that, instead you get to see Zoe Saldana poke men twice her size with plastic toothbrushes. Rarely is there any sort of good, comprehensible action. The film is full of quick cuts that purposely go out of focus, hoping that you don’t realize Zoe Saldana isn’t doing any of her stunts or maybe because the filmmakers are hoping that you get sick from all of this shaky cam nonsense, which would lead to you exiting the theater and coming back during one of the dozen crying scenes, randomly inserted into the film to add “depth”. Depth that is as shallow as a puddle on the sidewalk. Not one single character is likable and not one single character gives off any sort of engaging content. Everyone just kind of stands around or dies."

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-MD-3713d ago

Disappointing scores left and right. Shame.

MinimeJer053713d ago

Yeah, I was really hoping it was going to be good or at least fun, like Besson/Megaton's other efforts, but sadly it wasn't.

hazelamy3712d ago

i'm not usually fussy when it comes to these kind of films, so long as the action's decent, but it sounds like it doesn't even have that going for it.

what was the last good luc besson film anyway?

SITH3712d ago

She is not an action hero. Just Put her in the movies for a sex toy for the white boys.

detroitmademe3712d ago

huh...I knew before the day was over someone would bring race into the equation.Its always like that.I bet if she was asian or mexican race wouldnt have got brought up.But because shes black people notice.We Americans have come a long way but theres still work 2 b done

SITH3712d ago

Got a problem with race being discussed? Don't like the topic? Too difficult emotionally for you to dive into a topic you deem controversial? Did I say something that wasn't true? She is a sex toy in every movie she has been in except two. Death a funeral and drum-line. Other than that her ass has been tossed as a sex toy for white guys. Hell she is married to one so why not.

And please... hit the damn space bar after you try and make a complete sentence.

MinimeJer053712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I don't think race matters when it comes to discussing her being used as an object of sex.