Exclusive : Romancing The Stone Remake Still On?

The bunny-hopping “Romancing the Stone” remake over at Fox may be inching closer towards the cameras (some four years after it was initially announced) with the studio now on the hunt for a director with a “fresh, exciting take” on a story that first surfaced in Bob Zemeckis’ 1984 classic, a trusted source tells us today. As seems to be the trend right now, we’re told producer Emma Watts is looking for someone newish to the moviemaking scene, though that someone will naturally encompass a unique set of skills that goes beyond ‘point and shoot’ capabilities.

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JL3712d ago

Forget that. The original was a very fine adventure movie. They don't need to remake it. Especially with some generic Heigl/Heartthrob duo.

alycakes3711d ago

Diddo, I don't know why they have to go and remake every movie that comes around. This movie was one of the best movies back then. I'm not a Heigl fan but even if I was...this is not a movie I would want done by her.

Garrison3710d ago

Honestly, this movie does not need a remake. It's a perfect movie.
On the other hand, done right a remake could bring a whole new generation of people experience a great story but I'm not sure why a remake is needed considering the original movie stands the test of time just fine.