Incredible 'Portal' Short Film Makes You Wish For Full Movie

From TMP:

An all new short film from Dan Trachtenberg is an adaptation of the best-selling video game, Portal...and it's awesome. Better than most full-length attempts at video game movies, this short film will have you pining for more.

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MinimeJer053347d ago

I honestly think that this short kind of sucks. Doesn't make me engaged in the material. This is coming from a non Portal fan. Never played a game and now I don't want to.

Crazay3347d ago

Doesn't interest me in the least. i thought Portal was a crap game.

Quagmire3347d ago

Portal is overrated. Fun, but its given way too much credit.

Pro_TactX3346d ago

I don't think I could possibly disagree more with that statement.

jc485733346d ago

I have Portal 2, which I haven't touched. This video makes me want to play it.

skweejal3345d ago

Hey check out the "X" in the top right hand corner of your screen, then click on notepad. It'll bring you to the internet where people actually give a shit about your horrible "I'm my own cool" comments. Glad to help, douchebigalo.

Quagmire3345d ago

You must be quite the ladies man with lines like that...

IndependenceFilm3347d ago

People, don't review the short by the video game. Rate it by the short film itself. With that said, this short is awesome, someone should make this into a feature film.

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The story is too old to be commented.