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New Promo for Season Eight of 'House'

The Collider:
Though Lisa Edelstein may not be returning as Dr. Cuddy for the eighth and presumably final season of House M.D., it looks like the consequences of the epic end of her relationship with Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) will be in full force. Fox has just released a new promo for the coming season, and it looks like House will be taking some serious punishment from the law and from those who have broken it. And I don’t want to spoil it, but that tagline for the season premiere is pretty damn good. You’ll see what I mean after you check out this short but sweet promo after the jump.

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alycakes3712d ago

I guess he ends up in jail for what he did at the end of the of the shows last season. I figured he was going to be in big trouble for that.

no_more_heroes3712d ago

what'd he do?! WHAT'D HE DO?!

No seriously, tell me.

alycakes3711d ago

He got mad at Cuddy and drove into her house with his car.

-MD-3712d ago

I wish Masters was still around. She became my favorite character On house's team

alycakes3711d ago

Yes, I liked her a lot. Isn't she going to be on that new show this fall that has to do with fairy tales? It's going to be kind of creepy but interesting ....can't remember the name right off.. I'll have to look it up.