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Universal Drops Its Ouija Movie

Just three weeks after Universal Pictures ditched plans to turn the Hasbro board game Clue into a film (again) with Gore Verbinski, things are not looking good for another Hasbro property at the studio: Insiders tell Vulture that Ouija, an adaptation of the magical board that was to be produced by Michael Bay and directed by McG, has been put in turnaround.

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darklordzor3711d ago

Oh thank goodness! They also dropped the Clue remake. Hopefully this means the studios are wising up and are having second thoughts about all of these stupid board game adaptations.

-MD-3711d ago

I dunno I think they could do something interesting with Clue.

alycakes3710d ago

Wasn't a movie done about the game Clue already? Maybe I'm thinking of something else but I thought it was Clue.

But you're right MD, they need to start putting their thinking caps on and come up with something a little more original.

darklordzor3710d ago

I think the most interesting thing they could do with Clue, they've already done. I don't really need a remake of it.

But Clue at least has some semblance of a plot even though it's a board game. All of these others they've been trying to make don't.

RyuStrife3710d ago

Board games movies? No thanks!