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NfamousGamers - My 25 Favorite Movie Soundtracks and Scores

Arcee "Over the years, as the number of movies I watch grows larger and larger, I come to appreciate every detail of the movie more and more. I now pay more attention to the cinematography, sets and scenery, costumes… all the stuff that goes into making a good film memorable... There is, however, one factor in every movie that I have had a clear understanding of since my early years – the music."

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darklordzor3716d ago

Scores are probably the worst thing for me to remember. I'm deaf in one ear and have been for a long time, so music and sounds are something I normally just don't pay attention to in a movie. It's not a focus for me. Unless it's something iconic (like Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Scott Pilgrim) I rarely take notice.