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Filmhash Epic Fall Movie Guide 2011

As it seems Fright Night is the swan song of summer, the autumn’s prestige and holiday pictures are right around the corner. In this post we’re going to cover the 36 fall releases we’re most interested in. Unlike summer where the focus is all on the big explosions, fall brings a wide variety of releases, and many of the films here find there way onto our end of year lists.

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-MD-3706d ago

Honestly it's a pretty good lineup of films.

I caught the trailer for 'In Time' the other day during Planet of the Apes and it looked interesting.

BakedGoods3705d ago

Looks like a good fall.

More cerebral too, less hot-shot action 3D extravaganza's.

RyuStrife3706d ago

Only a few on there that seems interesting for me.