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Where Have All The Movie Stars Gone?

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To the world of television, it seems. Am I the only confused as to why so many great film actors are heading to the small screen? Coming this fall, Maria Bello will be taking her turn as a tough-as-nails detective named Jane Timoney in a series called Prime Suspect. You’ve probably seen the promos of her all bruised, beaten, bitten, and eating breakfast next a murder victim. Granted, this is an American take on a highly-praised police procedural from the UK which starred Helen Mirren. Having never seen the original, I can’t really take a stance on the series, but a police procedural? Really? Bello has turned fine performances in great films like A History of Violence and Towelhead. I would much rather see her in twee, indie films if nothing less, rather than another generic crime drama.

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alycakes3717d ago

I'm excited about Zoey's new show on Fox. I think it's going to be fresh and funny. Also a show on NBC called Whitney. Both of those will be good sitcoms.

I'm getting tired of Law and Order and wish they would just kinda of put it out to pasture. I think it's had it's day and I don't know why they can't come up with some new shows instead of renewing this one every year. Law and Order Criminal Intent was the only one I watched and now it's gone so that's it for me on that type of show.

I do like drama so I'm looking forward to the new show Alcatraz...that really looks good.

artrexler3717d ago

I'm excited about Zooey too, and Whitney. The writer definitely has a point...steady paychecks are better than one lump sum once or twice a year.

I think the quality in films has gone way down in the last decade. It's not so much about the art as a paycheck nowadays. It's kinda sad.

Sahil3716d ago

Zoey totally looks like Katy perry in that pic, both are beautiful.

-MD-3716d ago

Yeah they've always looked pretty similar.

-MD-3716d ago

I'm also looking forward to Zooey's new show on tv. Whitney Cummings is hit/miss for me but I'll give her show a chance.

Sahil3709d ago

I'd love to see zoey in a thriller/horror movie, she looks very innocnet.