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New 'Man of Steel' Set Photos Reveal Faora

Independence Film Writes:

"Someone from Facebook was lucky enough to take pictures from the set of Man of Steel, revealing the first look of the infamous super villain, Faora, being played by Antje Traue. We also get to see another view of Superman, who isn't wearing the traditional red shorts."

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darklordzor3707d ago

I actually kind of like her costume. It's very reminiscent of the all black suits Zod's crew wore in Superman II, but has very distinctive differences.

It just makes me wonder though, why her suit would be completely practical and Zod's would be in Mo-cap?

IndependenceFilm3706d ago

You're spot on about Faora's costume, they definitely took some aspects from Zod's suit in the 1980's movie.

As for Michael Shannon's Zod costume, I have no clue why they would go the CGI route. It's possible Snyder's ideas for his suit were only possible on the computer, like Ryan Reynold in Green Lantern.

darklordzor3706d ago

Yeah, that's the only thing that boggles my mind. Unless we've all been wrong and that person isn't in fact Shannon, but some random dude portraying another alien? Hard to say at this point. I am intrigued though.

Crazay3706d ago

I thought he was confirmed as Zod. I'm perplexed about the CG suit as well but I do like her outfit alot. I'm not so sure that I'm OK the minor change in the Superman costume. Ya ok, the original suit looks like he's wearing red tighty whiteys on the outside of his pants but it is a part of his original look and it kinda takes away from that a little.

darklordzor3706d ago

He is confirmed as Zod, what I'm saying is that the pic is so distant and blurry, that we may not actually be looking at Shannon in these photos. Could be another character.

Crazay3706d ago

Would be pretty wild if it was Brainiac eh?

darklordzor3706d ago

That would be indeed pretty damn awesome...I don't see it really happening, but you never really know either.

RyuStrife3706d ago

So Superman doesn't have red "trunks" in this movie? Instead he'll be using the new custom closer to the redesigned one?

Oh and the black suit she has is nice.

Sahil3706d ago

The darkness doesn't bother me. Nothing about the suit bothers me. The suit doesn't define Superman. His actions define him.

Crazay3706d ago

Yes - the suit does define who Superman is. Are you saying that had Tim Burton had his way and put superman into some sort of electronic looking suit like the screen tests that were released a while go suggested that he would still be Superman?

Sorry dude, but Superman's suit very much defines who he is, his actions define him as a hero.

Sahil3706d ago

am not saying put him in an iron man suit, am just sayin.. i don't care bout his costume in man of steel as a lot of ppl are concerned bout that.

nyobzoo3706d ago

looks interesting, the red trunks will be missed

darklordzor3706d ago

I can honestly say I won't miss them. Not that I hated them or anything, but I like the redesigns of Supes without them, so I'm glad the filmmakers went with that look.

Deadpool6163706d ago

The red shorts did add a balance to the overall color flow of his costume. He just looks kinda naked without the balance. I can deal with that, considering it's similar to his new design.

I just find it amazing that his mother made the costume! o_o

Shackdaddy8363705d ago

The missing shorts definitely does make him look "naked". The red added contrast before that was easier on the eyes imo.

tarbis3706d ago

I don't know if I'm gonna like the supes w/o the red trunks. He looks rather plain.... his belt is not even colored yellow. But damn, Henry Cavil looks really buffed for his role as supes and I like it, fits him really well.
Faora..... looks more like Ursa than Faora ^^;;

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