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Blu-Review - Julia's Eyes ( "Slapping an “[Insert Beloved Director Here] Presents” banner on a movie is usually a sure-fire route to disappointment, saddling a small film with lofty expectations that it will surely fail to live up to. But like The Orphanage (also presented/produced by Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro), Julia’s Eyes somehow manages to stand proudly in the formidable shadow of its Spanish uncle, solidifying the country’s chilling grip on modern horror and let down only by an unwieldy running time and a few too many twists."

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JL3712d ago

Might have to check this one out. I really do think these Spanish horror movies have a great grasp on the genre.

As for the (Insert Beloved Director) Presents thing...I think I might have to disagree. First, I don't see it done all that often. And usually when it is done it's by people that have a great respect for this craft. I've never been disappointed by any "Guillermo Del Toro Presents" stuff. Or any "Quentin Tarantino Presents" movies. All were movies I really enjoyed. It's when you get into that "From the Producers of (Insert Hit Movie)", that's when it gets disappointing. Cause ultimately the producers had no say in the creative process of said hit movie, thus the new movie promises none of that stuff that made the hit movie great. And usually it's a sign that the movie can't stand on its own performance.

That's the real gimmick there: the "From the Producers of...". This "(Director) Presents:" stuff is more like an endorsement from said director. And if it's a good director, I find it a good measure of how the movie might be, and I'm usually not disappointed.

-MD-3711d ago

I've had this downloaded for awhile because the trailer looked solid but didn't know Del Toro had any involvement.

Gonna bump it up my list.