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Post D23 - Pixar's Future Films

Pixar has made movie making look easy in the last sixteen years. Starting with the original Toy Story back in 1995, Pixar has released twelve feature films, releasing a film each year every since Disney’s acquisition of Pixar in 2006. Toy Story 3 (2010) is to date the highest grossing animated film. Unfortunately the follow-up (Cars 2) was as a huge disappointment. The film gained criticism for lacking in plot. Thankfully the animation studio announced this past weekend at the Disney Expo in Anaheim that the next few years of Pixar will be (mostly) sequel free.

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nyobzoo3706d ago

can't wait to watch all of them

RyuStrife3706d ago

I'm looking forward to Monsters University. And that's about it.

alycakes3706d ago

Same here. Pixar has come up with some good ones but I have not seen some of them so I can't really comment on the ones I haven't seen.