Top 5 TV Shows You’re Not Watching

Great shows get canceled all the time. Shows like Arrested Development and Firefly received critical acclaim and still got cancelled prematurely due to low viewership ratings. Time to spread the word. Here's the Top 5 TV shows you’re not watching

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coolfool3071d ago

Can recommend Game Of Thrones. It intrigue generated between all the characters kept me watching!

JasonBloodbourne3071d ago

Game of thrones is ace! i had to read the books i loved it that much!

SITH3071d ago

Game of thrones is a fantasy nut's dream come true. If you are not watching it, then you are missing out. Next season begins in spring 2012.

Lord_Sloth3071d ago

Walking Dead trumps all!!!

nyobzoo3071d ago

only 2 of them I watch, guess I need to see the other

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