LRA: Fright Night (2011) - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: So let's get the obvious questions out of the way first shall we? Yes, I have seen and like the original Fright Night. No, I don't think it was anything even resembling an amazing movie (I saw it the year it was released mind you). Yes, it was a fun little horror/comedy that did what it did well. No, I don't really give a shit that they remade it. Yes, there were certainly things that could be improved on with a remake. No, most of the changes made for the update were not for the best. No, I am not sad that I saw this movie. Yes, I was remarkably surprised at just how much this movie did NOT suck (pun very much intended). Here is the key question though...does the fact that this movie even exists matter in the least? Well, both yes and no on that one.

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