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LRA: The Help - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Director Tate Taylor has made a quietly disturbing and often times invigorating film based off the novel by Kathryn Stockett. It is tackling a subject that is to this day still a very sensitive one and for good reason. When I talked about the trailer a couple months back I mentioned my concern with how it could possibly bring anything new to the table when there are already so many other films that have done what it was attempting. My concerns were unfounded though because this time in American history is something that must be looked at from every possible angle and something that should never be forgotten. But the true beauty of what The Help brings with it is that it isn't a large scale biopic on a historical figure. Even though it takes place during one of the bleakest moments in the history of our country it wisely never deviates from the more intimate look at a few individuals amongst many that were living through nightmarish conditions on a daily basis.

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