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First Look: Mike Wazowski in 'Monsters University'

IndependenceFilm writes:

"Not shortly after the D23 Expo, someone posted the first look of Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) in Monsters University from Pixar's presentation. If you're a person who cares about a pristine viewing of the film, I suggest not to look at it. Otherwise, click the jump to see the beloved character in his wonder years (college years)."

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xVeZx3717d ago

so this is a prequel about how they got the job of scaring kids for energy....hmmmm interesting

JL3717d ago

Kinda, yea. This is them at Monster University, which is essentially the police academy of the "scaring kids" world.

darklordzor3716d ago

I don't think that's actually an image of him from the new film. Honestly, that looks more like test footage, or a still from the first movie.

Soldierone3716d ago

It is. Its either way early footage of the new film, or its old footage of the first film. Either way its in the state they use to do all the animations and what not, that way the computer doesn't crash everytime they move anything.

Then they go an add the textures and details to it etc...

IndependenceFilm3716d ago

It was shown at D23 last weekend. The director, Dan Scanlon, stated that Mike wears retainers in the movie and this photo was shown to prove that.

nyobzoo3715d ago

movie is going to be great