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First Look at Michael Shannon on the Set of 'Man of Steel'


"As the crew are shooting Man of Steel this week, expect to see a rush of pictures from the set to leak online. Like yesterday, we got our first look of Henry Cavill as Superman on set and today, a photo of Michael Shannon surfaced on the web. It's not a must see, but if you're excited for Zack Snyder's approach to the Superman franchise, then this should interest you:"

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KingPin3708d ago

i might be old school, but to me, honestly, Christopher Reeve will always be superman. say what u will, he had every quality that superman required. Hollywood should just leave the superman franchise alone. they butchered it once before with superman returns, please lets not go there again.

Solid_Malone3708d ago

totally agree with you mate, christopher reeves is and always will be the best superman there ever was!

darklordzor3708d ago

I completely agree with you. He will always be Superman to me, and that's part of why I liked Routh as Superman, he exuded the same qualities that Reeve did.

Although I will say that I am glad for more movies. While Reeve will always be iconic, I do want more Superman stories to be told.

hazelamy3708d ago

but sadly, reeves isn't available any more.

i have to say i prefer what they're doing with this new superman movie.
they're not tied to reeves portrayal, they're bringing a new superman.
routh was great in the role, but he was still playing a version of reeves superman.

it's not like there's any one definitive superman in the comics.
there have been loads of different takes on superman over his 70 year history.

and who knows, just like reeves superman, elements from the new movie could make their way into the comics, in fact that kind of thing has happened pretty often with superman.

i mean the flying came from a radio play and was then used in the comics.

Lord_Sloth3707d ago

The lack of Reeve wasn't the problem with Superman Returns and there are many other actors out there with the ability to play Superman. Directing and Script are key. I'm just glad some1 is using a villain other than Lex Luther for a change.

alycakes3707d ago

That is so true. They needed a change in that department a long time ago. Thanks for bringing that up.

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jon12343708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

thats so dumb. so theyre calling this movie man of steel? theyre trying to do with the title, what batman did with the dark night? i hate that...

not that calling batman , the dark night is bad, but why cant they be original... ugh

/Brooklyn raaGEEE!

darklordzor3708d ago

I don't have any problem with the title, and you're a little late to that party. They announced that as the working title a long time ago.

I'm glad they aren't just going with plain old "Superman". There's nothing wrong with man of Steel as that's what he is and is always called by.

jon12343708d ago

i dont think im late, sorry i dont keep up with this... but i never said they were wrong by calling him man of steel, i just hate these reimaginings where they have to make it "new" and "cool", as if it wasnt already... batman is called the dark night, but i still say lets go watch batman.

pocketaces113708d ago

why would you want them to be original with the title... who cares. They are bringing these franchises back and doing them right. "fingers crossed again" also hoping batman doesn't take with the 3rd movie like most 3rd movies do. Back to the title I really don't see a big deal with this how do you make superman original with a titles " superman guy with really strong skin, laser eyes jumps/fly's high...... he is the man of steel there is nothing wrong with that.

jon12343708d ago

its not a big deal, i just posted my opinion, if you dont agree with me thats fine, but personally, I dont like it, and today was the first time i heard of the title, and the production of the movie, so i had to comment. but i cant wait to see what this superman movie has in store, hopefully it doesnt suck....

pocketaces113707d ago

I know it's you opinion that's why I replied with a my own opinion of your opinion isn't that how a discussion works :) just bustin your balls and agree I hope it doesn't suck as well... I would like to think they wouldn't reinvent it so soon if they didn't have something good especially with these other superhero movies seemingly making the right moves

darklordzor3708d ago

I think it's possible that it isn't even Shannon. I mean, we're looking at the back of a guy in a mo-cap suit. Are we really sure that's even him?

And if it is, so what? The mo-cap could be used for a number of things.

Cyb3r3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

I thought Henry Cavill was going to star as Superman in the next movie.

darklordzor3708d ago

He is. Michael Shannon is playing Zod.

TheEatingVodka3707d ago

I wish Tom Welling played Superman in the new movie..
I loved him in Smallville and after watching him for 10 years he's the only person I can actually call Clark Kent.

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