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Arcee "What could I possibly say in a review of The Lion King that hasn’t already been said about the classic film in the thousands of reviews it has received since its original release in 1994? Short and to the point, The Lion King is one of Disney’s most cherished and celebrated movies ever. Anything more than that would just be a complete rehash of everything that has been said in the 17 years (Yes, 17 years) it has been available. Instead of reviewing the movie (we all know it is great), I want to instead focus on the 3D effects added to the film that will feature prominently in its rerelease for two weeks starting September 16th, 2011."

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alycakes3716d ago

A movie like The Lion King doesn't need to be in 3D. This is an awesome movie. I loved it when it came out that I went to see it with my husband without kids. We loved it! I went to see it again with kids. Then I bought it when it came out on DVD for my own collection. It is truely a wonderful movie that I could watch if someone asked to watch it when they come over.

I really don't know why they feel the need to make it in 3D. I guess it's all about the money like everything is these days...bottom line....all about what they can make out of it. The movie stands on it's own as is.