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Fans Glimpse Final Round Of 'Dark Knight' Filming

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
The McKnight family is from Cleveland -- temporary home of "The Avengers" -- but a wedding brought them to Pittsburgh and a front-row view of the Batpod, Catwoman's stunt double and a gray military vehicle speeding near Sixth Avenue and William Penn Place.

Kylie and Ryan McKnight were with sons Brady, 6, and Gavin, 3, along with niece Campbell Wood, 6, Sunday morning watching as artificial snow flew and then the cars did the same for "The Dark Knight Rises."

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alycakes3708d ago

I'm sure most of them were glad that all the chaos was over with even though they enjoy some of the action and excitement it can get a little old having to put up with the interruptions all the time.

Soldierone3708d ago

I know what you mean. Plus these people walk around like kings of the world when they take over places like this. Suddenly your favorite hang out spot is blocked off and you are pushed aside while they film.