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The Daily Rotation - Conan the Barbarian Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "In the latest wave of remakes and reboots comes Conan the Barbarian, a film that probably could have benefited a little more than it did, due to the easy nature of the character. I never saw the original in its entirety, but I got the idea of a warrior slaying dozens, which makes for an easy enough story. The newest take on Conan works on a few levels, but unfortunately comes off a tad on the generic side thanks to its director, most of its cast and general lack of ambition. I think one person deserves credit for this new formed Conan and that is Jason Momoa."

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-MD-3714d ago

I knew it would turn out to be a mediocre film. I saw people leaving the outdoor theater halfway through it.

MinimeJer053714d ago

Really haha? I figured the trailer pretty much painted the film correctly, it just came ended up being a little short in quality. I went on opening night and the theater only had like 6 people in it!