All the Damn Vampires: Bloodsuckers, 80’s Style

With the 80’s vampire classic Fright Night riding the current wave of vampire-chic back into theaters this weekend, it is, perhaps, the right moment to take a look back at some of the other vampire films from that decade before vampires sparkled. For better and for worse, the vampire genre has always been a place to explore angst, rebellion, isolation and otherness, but with lots more blood.

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NXUSco3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Lost Boys was one of my favorite 80's vampires movies of all-time. Great soundtrack!

The Board3082d ago

Tip to the Twilight generation: Watch the films in this list, those were the good ol' days.

Sahil3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I say Once Bitten, classic shit i remember as a kid, Jim Carrey was superb in the movie.

"I dont want to be a vampire, am a day person"

cheezavenger3081d ago

Near Dark and The Hunger, ftw!!!!!

Firstkn1ghT3081d ago

Oh yes, Life Force. Very original movie. With full nudity. :D

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