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Screencave's Top 5 'Planet of the Apes' Films

Truly one of the strangest film franchises, well, ever, The Planet of the Apes saga has birthed one original film, four sequels, one remake, one reboot, and one television show, and featured a future in which apes rule the Earth, then Charlton Heston nukes the Earth to a cinder, then some time traveling apes visit the 1970s, Ricardo Montalban shows up as a circus owner, a disease wipes out all of Earth’s cats and dogs, America becomes a fascist state, a telepathic cult worships the atom bomb, and James Franco is a brain surgeon. Like I said, this is some wild stuff.

And with the most recent entry, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, still grabbing headlines and moviegoers dollars, we thought we’d lay down our five favorite entries into the franchise. Warning—spoilers ahoy.

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